Chef Andrea Mattei the joung talented chef from Toscany, since eight years is in chief of La Magnolia Restaurant, inside the Byron Hotel in Forte dei Marmi.
Andrea started his career at La Magnolia Restaurant when he was at school but he worked as a sub chef also at the Hermitage in Cervinia, at the Carpaccio in Parigi, he worked also with chef Angelo Paracucchi at San Domenico restaurant in Imola, at the famouse Enoteca Pinchiorri in Firenze and with Alain Ducasse al Plaza Athénée. All this before coming back to La Magnolia in Forte dei Marmi as the main chef of the restaurant.
Along with Chef Iside De Cesare (Restaurant La Parolina, Trevinano, VT), Andrea Mattei (The Magnolia Restaurant, Forte dei Marmi) performed in an amazing cooking show on the occasion of the seventh stage of the IMAF CHEFS 'CUP 2014. The two chefs participated for the second time in the competition and formed a new unmissable culinary couple that won the second edition of IMAF CHEFS CUP 2014!
How did you start to be a chef? Describe your career path briefly:
I studied at the Hotel School in Marina di Massa, I started working at the restaurant La Magnolia where I came back as a chef, in the meantime, I worked at the San Domenico in Imola, Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence, Alain Ducasse at the Plaza Athenee in Paris, alternating internship at Four Seasons Milan, Taillevant to Partigi and Noma in Copenhagen.
What 'ingredients' helped to do that?
Motivation and ambition combined with curiosity and desire.
What is the main feature of your character?
Your favorite dish?
What is the ingredient you use most in the kitchen?
Acids Elements.
When you're not in the kitchen, what is your favorite activity?
Your relationship with art and your favorite art form?
I do not have great relationships with art, but I must say that I like abstraction paintings.
If I were a painting or a work of art which would you be?
"Circle in the circle," Kandinsky.
If I were a movie ...?
"Amici miei."
If I were a song / music ...?
"Uno su mille ce la fa" G. Morandi.
If I were a book ...?
"Sherlock Holmes"
What is the chef that you most admire? And the artist?
There is not a chef that I admire in particular, but a school of thought which is: simplicity. The artist is Francesco Musante which, I know him personally.
What are your plans for the future?
Travelling to enrich my personal and professional experiences.
Have you ever used the kitchen as a weapon of seduction?
Your motto?
Se sei martello statti se sei incudine statti. 

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