Everyone who drinks FERRARELLE knows it: it is a water that is bottled just as nature produced it. Ferrarelle is a naturally sparkling mineral water.

Using sensors, we monitor the subterranean and surface water-bearing stratum for a correct control of the water resources and to ensure that the quantity of CO2 in the water at the spring is the same as in every bottle of Ferrarelle water.

Every day, more than 615 quality controls are undertaken, and every year the company renews and updates a series of product and process certificates.

Moreover, Ferrarelle is the first and only mineral water that can at present boat SGS certification as to the natural origins of its effervescence; a proof of quality guaranteeing the 100% natural origins of its bubbles. 
Ferrarelle has a unique personality marked by an unmistakable, living taste. Its flavour makes it perfect for accompanying any good dishes. Moreover, Ferrarelle helps the digestion and makes it possible to enjoy every dish while avoiding any feelings of "heaviness". 
Ferrarelle mineral water is thus the ideal complement to every meal.
Ferrarelle stands out for its balanced mix of precious elements: potassium, calcium, bicarbonate e silica. The mineral water with the highest percetage of useful elements of the most popular mineral waters sold in Italy.
During the second edition of the IMAFestival 2011,12, FERRARELLE partnered up with the show by supporting some initiatives linked to the world of PHOTOGRAPHY.
In particular during the New York stage of the Festival, within the renowned gallery WOOK AND LATTUDA, in the heart of Manhattan (not far from the Empire State Building), FERRARELLE and EATART started a big event linked to the contemporary arts and the Italian excellence of food and wine.        

The evening, called Nuovi Italiani, gave space to a selection of photos by the young and talented Claudio Flacone, along with a series of paintings, installations and photos of various italian and other artists linked to the theme of Food and Migration. In addition, thanks to Farrarelle who was present during the evening of the chief of marketing of the company - some italian restaurants of the Big Apple took part, aswell as journalists and collectionists. 

FERRARELLE then followed the festival to London for the concluding evening of the IMAFestival which took part during the 2012 Olympics. In the English capital, which is always linking up with the main themes of the event, the relationship between Food and Migration, presented in a corner created at hoc, shows striking images of four young photographers: Claudio Falcone, Jason Butterfield, Kate Bird, Thomas W. Morley.      



For the IMAF CHEF'S CUP final FERRARELLE couldn't miss the occasion due to its participation as the official sponsor of the American phase of the competition. It will go to San Francisco along with the two Italian Michelin star chefs Rosanna Marziale and Stefano Cerveni who will compete agasint each other for their last gastronomic shot at victory!