IMAF Chef’s Cup 2014
First Michelin-Starred Cooking Show Presents “Movie on a Plate”
Champion to Be Named in NewYork
NEW YORK, NY– The Grand Finale of THE Second Edition of IMAF CHEF CUP will take place in New York june 16th, director Rossella Canavari announced today.  Beginning at 7 p.m. the first Michelin-starred cooking competition dedicated to the artistic nature of food – putting “movie on a plate” – brings two of Italy’s most acclaimed chefs to the States for a final showdown to name the international winner.  Showcasing the signature style of Italian chefs, the event will allow guests and audience members a glimpse into the world of some of the very best Italian cuisine in the world, an experience usually reserved for extravagant European vacations with VIP access.
The two final chefs, ISIDE DE CESARE (Restaurant La Parolina, Viterbo) and ANDREA MATTEI (Restaurant La Magnolia, Forte dei Marmi) both Michelin Star recipients, will present the recipes that made them famous during the Italian tour in a NY fancy restaurant as the final winner is selected on the evening of June 16 during a culinary showdown not to be missed. 
“We were so pleased at the incredible response from the public and the media surrounding this delicious and artful culinary event,” said Rossella Canevari.  “It is incredible to have the opportunity to share the culinary creations of Italy’s winning chefs with food lovers in New York.”
The international competition began in Italy with 18 Michelin-starred chefs who were paired to create two dishes that were inspired by movies. Dishes were prepared during a cooking show performance and then tasted and judged by a discerning jury of food critics. Guests of the competition then enjoyed a delicious meal of the top dishes. The nine-stage competition took place throughout Italy in Rome, Florence, Parma, Milan, Perugia, Venice, Torino, Napoli and Viareggio this winter.
On Monday June 16th, The Grand finale at The Americano Restaurant of the prestigious Hotel Americano in Chelsea (New York),will name the final winner for the international competition. First chef Andrea Mattei will showcase his delicious “Cuttlefish, cereals and herbs” recipe; then chef Iside De Cesare will present her “Barley and passion fruit Pastiera in pastry, with poppy seeds”. A judging circle comprising luminaries in food, wine, media and the arts will judge the recipes by three variants - tastiness, faithfulness to the theme, and presentation. Chef Joseph Bluencosejo of The Americano Reastaurant will be on hand to oversee the evening’s culinary event. 

About The IMAF Chef’s Cup: The IMAF Chef’s Cup first edition started in 2013 with seven pairs of Michelin-starred chefs, took place in seven italian city and the GRAN FINALE was held in San Francisco during the Americas Cup. Imaf CHEFS cup seond edition started january 30th, 2014 in Rome, Italy with nine pairs of Michelin-starred chefs competing throughout nine regions in Italy. The vision of artistic director and writer Rossella Canevari, the IMAFestival (, is an international event dedicated to haute cuisine and art that seeks to delight food and art lovers with innovative dishes and incredible presentation. The prestigious restaurants of SINA Fine Italian Hotels hosted the Italian stages of the competition. 

About EATART:EATART is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote artistic talents in different fields of culture and food to bring them the prominence they deserve in national and international contexts.  Founded by writer, Rossella Canevari in 2009, EATART is the umbrella organization for the IMAFestival, the international event dedicated to food and the arts has been held in Milan, New York, Los Angeles and London.  Chefs create dishes inspired by film, literature, music and contemporary art, putting “art on a plate”.

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The IMAF CHEF’S CUP competition started May 15 in Rome, with seven pairs of Michelin-star chefs competing in seven stages throughout Italy: Rome, Florence, Parma, Milan, Perugia, Venice and Viareggio.  
In every stage there were two famous Michelin star chefs, the highest recognition that can be given in the field of high quality catering. Each pair created two dishes, inspired by the world of the arts, by choosing between painting, cinema, poetry, literature, photography or music. The dishes were prepared on a cooking show; a performance in which the two Michelin star chefs brought to the table; two recipes created for the competition which would then be tasted and judged by the jury while the meal for the evening gets prepared by the hotel chefs.  
The idea came from the artistic director and writer Rossella Canevari. Due to the excellent response for the first two editions of IMAFestival from the public and media, the international event dedicated to haute cuisine and arts, has also renewed its project making the quality of art and food the main event. The events of the show were hosted by the prestigious restaurants of the five-star hotel chain SINA Fine Italian Hotels.
With this link you will be able to see the video with the seven stages of the Italian show:
After the seven stages of the show which took place between May and July, there were two winners, ROSANNA MARZIALE from Caserta and STEFANO CERVENI from Brescia. They won with two great recipes where in September they will head to San Francisco to compete against each other.
On September 9, Chef Rosanna Marziale will take part in a cooking show at Il Fornaio where the public will be able to taste her menu based on the mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP. The best part of the menu is: la Pizza al Contrario (Reversed Pizza).
On September 10, it will be the turn of Stefano Cerveni from Brescia who will present his menu based on the tastes of Franciacorta. The cooking show will show off his recipe of Creamy Risotto with Crispy Grana Padano, Chicken Demì-Glacead And Aromatic Herbs.
September 11 will consist of Rosanna Marziale and Stefano Cerveni going head to head at Il Fronaio, in a cooking show where they will present their dishes which made them win amongst the other 12 chefs in the competition. Spaghetti di Gragnano al pomodoro San Marzano chiusi nella Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP, (Spaghetti Gragnano with San Marzano tomatos enclosed with Mozarella di Bufala) by Rosanna Marziale inspried by the film “Poverty and Nobility”. Zuppa di pan cotto con bocconcini di quaglia croccante, foie gras e tartufo, (Soup with croutons with crunchy pieces of quail, fois gras and truffles) by Stefano Cerveni inspired by Babette’s Feast. 
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