The creator of the IMAF CHEF’S CUP, born in Milan with a globetrotting lifestyle, is a writer, Blogger (, editor of the online magazine MRS, television writer (Melaverde on the Italian channel Rete4, trial on All Music, Radio sex on Sky Show and Qualitalia DOP in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry on the Italian channel Rai2). With Newton Compton Rossella has published the bestsellers: Voglio un Mondo Rosa Shokking, Un Amore Rosa Shokking and No Panic and the first novel Voglio un Mondo Rosa Shokking will become a film. In 2010, to fill up her free time between writing a book and a show, Rossella created the EATART association. The association focuses on organizing international events for contemporary art and high level cuisine. After two successful editions the International Migration Art Festival (IMAFestival) is renovating itself presenting in 2013 the IMAF CHEF’S CUP. A competition in Italy between 1Michelin stared chefs working as partners to create recipes inspired by the arts. ICC in 2015 will be held in Milano, is part of EXPO IN CITTA' and the competition will be host by La TERRAZZA PALESTRO in the city center.  
Briefly describe your professional career…
I’m a writer, journalist, publicist, administrator of exhibitions of contemporary art, of international events and television writer: I use writing in all its forms, adapting to different fields. Basically, I love to write my destiny
What ‘ingredients’ allowed you to make it to the top?
Madness, courage, trusting myself and…the love for life and for people.
What’s the main feature of your personality?
Intelligence, spirituality and…a dose of craziness!
Your favorite dish?
Pizza and…pilaf rice with boiled vegetables
What ingredient do you use most in your work?
Creativity and determination
When you’re not in the kitchen what is it you like to do?
Given that I’m not a great cook, in my free time I like to read, watch films, to art exhibitions, sport (swimming, skiing, horse riding and cycling) and I walk a lot.
What’s your relationship with art and what is your favorite form of art?
My relationship with art is symbiotic, I love ancient and contemporary paintings, video art, cinema, music and of course I live for literature.
What would you rather be a painting or a work of art?
L’origine du Monde of the 21st century: the one from Courbet in 1866 who shocked the public by showcasing the close up of a vagina
If you were a film…?
Wings of Desire by Wenders, I believe in the existence of angels, whose invisibility guides us through this wonderful painful journey of life. I believe in the immortality of the soul and of the purity of the child that lives in each one of us.
If you were a song/piece of music…?
At this point in my life, the song I listen to the most is Taro of ALT J (dedicated to Gerda Taro the first photojournalist in history killed at the age of 25). But I also listen to every genre: rock, pop, ambient, etc..
If you were a book...?
It’s hard to pick just the one book. From my group of books Dance Dance Dance and Kafta on the shore by Murakami, The God of small things by Arundhati Roy, American Pastoral by Roth, The Firebrand by Marion Zimmer Bradley, The Lover by Yehoshua, the Harry Potter Saga, Fight Club, Lullaby by Palahniuk and Super Cannes by Ballard. I found A Visit from the Goon Squad by Egan very deep and innovative.
What chef do you admire the most? And the artist?
All the Imaf chefs cup chefs and as an artist, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Magritte and Dali.
What are your future prospects?
I am currently writing a novel and then I am going to enjoy life with the ones I love. And to love always and fully, with passion
Have you ever used food as a weapon of seduction?
Only with the cooking of my chef friends, rather than my own cooking!
Your motto?
Memento audere simper, Just do it! Live each day like it’s your last.

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